Update your Fire alarm System with a new Touch Screen Control Panel! Customized to fit your plant.


  • Touch Screen Monitor and Control with battery backup.

  • With voice and text messages sent to your phone when an alarm occurs.

  • Hot Bearing and Zone Control will call up to 7 different phones when an alarm goes off. Messages can be customized to signal your plant employees.

  • With Alarm Logging and History to know what happened after an event occurs.

  • Customize the Alarm Names on the edit screen to make it fit your Plant.

  • Test buttons for emergencies and fire alarm drills. 


  • UL 508a rated panel
  • Central Alarm Panel to monitor hot bearings, motors, gear boxes,
       and heat detectors for fire alarm systems.
  • Allen Bradley Processor and Touch Screen for many years of reliable operation.



  • The Fire Alarm Panels are used with the hot bearing sensors to monitor hot bearings, motors and gear boxes.

  • Zones are labeled on panels to let the operator know where the alarm is occurring.

  • Intrinsically safe circuits are in the panels. This will allow you to use your existing Heat Detectors and wiring as a cost savings to your project.

  • Panels are available to be used with normally open or closed sensor loops.

Item Number




8 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel

$6,500 Base Price


10 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel

$6,850 Base Price


12 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel

$7,850 Base Price


14 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel

$8,560 Base Price


16 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel

$9,450 Base Price


18 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel

$9,650 Base Price


20 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel

$9,850 Base Price


24 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel

$10,400 Base Price

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Description:  Central Alarm Panel will monitor for hot bearings, motors, gear boxes, and heat detectors for fire alarm systems.

Bearing and Belt Rub Temp Sensors


  • CSA listed for class II hazardous locations

  • Encased in dust tight cadmium enclosure

  • Easy to install

  • Economical means of detecting heat

  • Rated for up to 120vac, .10amp

  • Pre-wire complete with 7' of sow cord

  • Available in N.O. contacts


Typical Applications

Use to detect hot bearing, motors, gear boxes, and belt alignment heat. The detector contains a normally open or normally closed dry contact to send a signal back to a central alarm panel or tie into your existing control panel. Designed to mount on flange, pillow or other types of bearings. 140 degree F generally used for bearings and belts. 180 degree F generally used for motors and gears.

Detect hot bearings, motors, gear boxes, and belt alignments

CSA listed for class II, division I, groups F & G, hazardous locations

Maxi-Tronic - Temp Sensors - Bearings - Motors - Gear Boxes

Maxi-Tronic Temp Sensors

Item Number




140 Degree Temp Sensor N.O.



176 Degree Temp Sensor N.O.


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* 140D for Bearings 176D for Motors and Gear Boxes


Maxtronics Belt Alignment Sensor

  • Sensitive, Reliable and Maintenance Free

  • For Instant Detection of Belt Misalignment Conditions

  • No Internal Electronics and No Power Supply Required

  • N.O. or N.C. Contacts, Rated IIG

  • Class II Div.1 CSA Certified

  • Minimal Moving Parts

  • Extremely Rugged Design

Item Number




Belt Tracker Sensor

$ 335.00

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Tempscan Heat Sensors, Hot Bearing Sensors