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Ground Pile Touch Screen Control Systems

We build Ground Pile Control Systems that operate fans to suction the tarp to the grain pile.They use a wind speed sensor input to a Microcontroller that runs a VFD controlled fan motor. When the wind is greater than (2) miles per hour the first fan is started. This is ramped up and down with the VFD as the wind speed increases/decreases. Additional fans come on line as the wind speed further accelerates. We also build a skirt control panel mounted at the top platform to position the tarp so it is reliable and keeps the grain dry. All settings are adjustable with setpoints for every fan .

Center Aeration Tower Controls
  • 60hp VFD Controller with Line Reactor. This will run (1) of (4) 50-60hp Air Fans. Electrical Contractor will furnish a breaker to feed the panel and will furnish motor starters for the other (3) fan motors.

 $ 6,350
  • Motor Starter Control Panel for (4) Winch Motors and (4) Skirt Motors. This will be Nema 4 rated and UL508A Listed to be mounted at the top Platform. The panel Will require a 480V 20 amp 3 phase feed. Then it will wire from the panel to the (8) Motors on top, also rated 480V 3 phase

 $ 3,450
  • Wind Speed Controller panel with operator touch screen and an anemometer that will feed a 4-20 ma signal into a PLC. It will be programmed to control the speed of a VFD and start/stop contacts to control another (3) fans.

 $ 9,000
 Total System Cost $ 18, 800

Wind Speed Sensor

Item Number




4-20ma Wind Speed Sensor

$ 850.00

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