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IP Message Display System
Remote Viewing
Touch Screen Message Panel
  • The indoor panel contains a PLC and Panelview Screen and will let the operator create (12) custom messages that can be sent to the outdoor mounted IP LED display. The messages that will be sent to the display are programmable by the operator and can be up to 80 characters.

  • The Terminal Boots up ready to go once it has AC power.

  • There are two screens in the Panelview indoor box. The second is for editing of the messages. This allows message storage so if you have a power outage messages are maintained.

Screen #1
Screen #2

Project scope:

  • Build and Program Message Display System

  • Ship to installer with installation and operation manual

  • Standard Display Mounting Hardware included in the price

  • IP Message Display Panel Outdoor Needs (Cat 5 Ethernet cable by installer) to connect to the indoor mounted Panelview enclosure.

  • Needs to be within 300' of the Panelview enclosure. 

  • 120 Volt AC power to each enclosure (by installer)

  • Telephone Support

Total System Price                                $ 8,885.48

(Does not include Installation)

Contact Information 

Main Office - Hope, ND

701-945-2460 / 800-950-5792

Joe McCullough


Brad Flaten

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