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Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras
PTZ Camera  -  $3,950
Monthly Cell and Recording Fee  -    $245

Pro view Cellular Cameras are used to monitor your remote sites. See live video on your PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone at anytime. Simply mount and plug into 120v power and the camera is on-line and ready to go.

  • Monitor job-sites and other points of interest

  • Improve job management and safety

  • Oil, Gas, Propane, Petroleum Sites

  • Chemical, Fertilizer, Anhydrous Sites

  • Utility, Warehouse, Plant Sites

  • Remote Control by PC or smart Phone

  • Live images and video

  • 20 Zoom - 1.5 Mega Pixels

  • 4G LTE Cellular Modems

  • Saves images in 15 min intervals to our server - and watch live video from anywhere

  • Flash drive copy to owner at the end of the period

  • Email alert if camera goes offline - Monitor

Fixed Position Cameras
(1) Camera Package  -  $1,950
Monthly Cell and Recording Fee  -    $245
  • Higher resolution - wider view

  • Outdoor rated enclosure heat, cool

  • 85 degree field view

  • Protect valuable assets

  • Security recorded images in 15 min intervals

  • 2.1 Mega Pixels - HD Cameras

  • Night Vision

  • Additional option/pricing on our website

  • Solar power options available

Optional Internet Service - Additional Monthly Fee - $50

* Connect to Internet and Email from Remote Job Site

*Switching Equipment and Cable one time cost - $350 

Images are saved on our servers and available to you on demand or at the end of a project or event. You can provide these images for disputes, insurance or police investigations and documentation.

When surveillance is needed in a location where there is no Internet to support a standard security camera, then our cellular camera systems are the perfect fit for your site. 

Test Drive the camera system with the link at the bottom of this page!

  • Data is available in snapshots of camera view with 15 minute intervals saved on our server at Hope Electric.

  • Extreme cold weather has no effect on the camera which is in a heated enclosure.

  • Utilizing local Verizon cellular towers to transmit, our cellular camera systems do not require anything outside itself to operate.

  • Installation is easy all you do is mount it and plug it in, then Hope Electric sets up the cell phone.

  • Monthly Cell and recording fee is paid to Hope Electric and Images are saved on our servers and available to you on demand or at the end of a project or event.

  • Power options for Solar or Wind power are available.

  • View the video feed and operate the camera from a cell phone or tablet from anywhere internet is available.

  • Assistance is available from our IT department at Hope Electric.

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PTZ Camera Total System w/Housing Power Supply Cradel Point (Verizon Wireless) and Mounting Hardware

$ 3,950.00

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Actual Camera Screen Shot Fargo, ND

Fargo, ND

Wireless Solar Powered Camera Systems

Now you can have a camera system that will monitor remote sites where power is not available. Remotely view Job sites, road construction projects and farm or elevator operations with cellular service that records the progress and stores images on our server at Hope Electric.

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Package with Solar Kit ready to install -  $ 5,833
(Installation not included)
Monthly Cell and Recording Fee  -    $245
Fixed Camera Package with Solar Kit ready to install -  $ 4,200 
(Installation not included)
Monthly Cell and Recording Fee  -    $245
Solar Powered Camera
Camera Housing
Solar and Cellular Components


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Renogy 200 Watt Premium Solar Kit

$ 1,883.58

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A Wind Generator kit can be used as a power source in place of Solar Panels or can be added to a Solar Panel setup for more reliable power when there are long periods with out sunlight. 

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Coleman 400 Watt Generator 12VDC

$ 650.00

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Monitor your Construction Site!

This is a direct link to the Hope Electric Wireless Cellular Camera System. Just Click the button below.                                         

            Contact us by phone at:  701-945-2460 Ask for Camera Sales or Email:


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