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Portable Bin Sweep Panel With VFD Speed Control

With speed control, Optional Foot Control stop/start pedal and optional Amp Meter you are in full control of your bin cleaning operations.
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Portable Sweep Panel w/VFD Speed Control 480V Nema 4

Item Number




Portable Sweep Control VFD 5hp

$ 1,350.00


Portable Sweep Control VFD 7.5hp

$ 1,650.00


Portable Sweep Control VFD 10hp

$ 1,950.00


Portable Sweep Control VFD 15hp

$ 2,250.00


Portable Sweep Control VFD 20hp

$ 2,650.00


Reversing Drum Switch, Nema4X, 16 amp

$ 95.00

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  • Systems include 10' Cord Pigtail and Male Plug. E-Stop and Vent Kit.

  • Options available: Foot Pedal, Amp Meter.

  • If you have single phase 230 volt power at your bin site you can turn it into 3 phase 230 volt power with a VFD!

  • You will have to double the horse power when converting single phase power to three phase power.

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