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Power Management 

Benefits & Features:

Energy Management and understanding energy costs are a major focus today in the industrial market. The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1408 Power Monitor 1000 is a cost effective energy monitor that is ideal for your applications where load profiling cost allocation or energy optimization is required.You can track your demand and consumption over time to determine what loads are consuming the most energy during your processing day.

Power Management




AB1408 - 1000

Power Monitor 1000 AB / Display

$ 1,650.00

AB1408 - 5000

Power Monitor 5000 AB / Display

$ 2,850.00


Touch Screen Power Monitor

$ 3,250


4000:5 CT Set of Three

$ 1,850.00

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* PC Base Options available

  • Monitor Demand Volts, Amps, Power Factor

  • Integrate into Allen Bradley Factory Talk Software

  • Touch Screen Monitor

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