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The Future of Truck Loading is here at Hope Electric!
Video of tablet truck loading

Now you can control an existing electrically actuated loading gate right from the cab of the grain truck. VNC Control will enable you to pull up and connect to a secure application that will allow you to fill your trailer right from the cab saving time and effort. Cameras are Mounted to monitor the filling of the trailer and can also be viewed right from the cab just by selecting the App.

We use Allen Bradley Micro Processors with local panelview screens for 2 points of control. Either Samsung or Apple Ipads work for the truck cab interface so they will be reliable and readily available giving you years of service.  

A Camera Systems is added to be viewed from the Tablet to see the grain loading 

progress. You can toggle back to control or camera view very easily. Using a DVR for the 

camera will allow you to review the load process remotely and record the loading process.

Main Menu
Tablet Control Screens
Typical Two gate installation w/Verify
Typical single gate installation w/Verify

Tablet Remote Control Truck Loading

Item Number




Tablet Truck Loading (1) Gate (1) Camera

$ 3,950.00


Tablet Truck Loading (2) Gate (2) Camera

$ 4,550.00

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Includes UL 508A Control Panel, PLC Touch Screen, Controls (1) Tablet, E-Stop hardware, Video Recorder, WI-FI Access Point Antenna, Cloud Key, Security Gateway and 1 or 2 cameras.
**Installation Not Included.
For More than (2) Gates and (2) Cameras call for pricing.

Tablet Truck Mount 

Item Number




Tab Dock Key Pedastal

$ 120.00


Tab Floor Mount 22" Gooseneck

$ 30.00

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Item Number




Samsung Galaxy Tablet E Light

$ 325.00


Truck Mounting Stand for Tablet

$ 150.00


Cloud Key

$ 210.00


AC Mesh Access Point Antenna

$ 250.00


Outdoor IP Video Camera

$ 395.00


Security Gateway

$ 295.00

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Note: If your Tablet is lost or destroyed you need to purchase one from us and we can re program it and ship it right out to you. Also If you need to have more than one (multiple Trucks) we can set up more Tablets for you. 

For information and a quote for these very affordable systems please contact the following via telephone or e-mail and we will get right back to you.

Main Office - Hope, ND

701-945-2460 / 800-950-5792

Joe McCullough


Brad Flaten

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