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The Future of Truck Loading is here at Hope Electric!
Please see the Truck loading link for pricing

Now you can control an existing electrically actuated loading gate right from the cab of the grain truck. VNC Control will enable you to pull up and connect to a secure application that will allow you to fill your trailer right from the cab saving time and effort. Cameras are Mounted to monitor the filling of the trailer and can also be viewed right from the cab just by selecting the App.

We use Allen Bradley Micro Processors with local panelview screens for 2 points of control. Either Samsung or Apple Ipads work for the truck cab interface so they will be reliable and readily available giving you years of service.  

A Camera Systems is added to be viewed from the Tablet to see the grain loading 

progress. You can toggle back to control or camera view very easily. Using a DVR for the 

camera will allow you to review the load process remotely and record the loading process.

Small Farm Operations Benefit From Automation. With Touch Screens and Micro PLC's you can have the same control as large Elevator Systems at your grain storage site for a fraction of the cost.

  • Automatic cleanout timers stop plugging of legs and conveyors.
  • Interlocking equipment makes sure equipment is started and stopped in the proper sequence.
  • High level shutdown stops the receiving process. 
  • Run timers can be added for scheduled maintenance.
  • Using a touch screen and a micro processor you can program 5 separate timers to control lighting, or cycle loads on and off with very easy to use touch screen timer controls. 

  • You can set the time of the day and day of the week without  the disadvantages of mechanical timers.

  • Relays are easy to connect to the NO/NC contacts in the panel. 

  • If there is a critical load we can install an IP Dialer and give you an alarm signal that will dial your smart phone and send a text message so you always know when there is a problem.

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