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Grain Storage and Benefiting from Technology

  • With all the various types, shapes and sizes of bins we can design a system that will meet your needs.

  • With advances in communications you can monitor your bin temps and set alarm points that can be monitored from your smart phone or home pc so you don't have to physically be there to check your bin temps.  

The Future of Grain Storage Monitor Systems:


  • Technology has made advances in the information that can be made available on your cell phone or home computer.


  • At Hope Electric we keep up on all the latest advances with 40+ years of experience installing systems for the Ag industry. 


  • We will give you a quote and arrange to have qualified installers set it up for you. Our panels are built in a UL 508a Listed Panel Shop.

Bin Temperature, Bin level, and % Gate Control

Contact Information 

Call 1-800-950-5792

Joe McCullough - Ag Projects


Dale Miller - WebMaster - Automation

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