Employee Information

  • Dental Appointments:

    • Until the eligibility is in the system, please provide the attached Benefit Summary to your employee for them to take on their appointment. Also, see the attached temporary Dental Card.

  • Vision Appointments: 

    • It is important to note, that Vision care appointments should be made after the policy has been issued, as the plan will not reimburse for claims with dates of service that took place before the policy has been issued. At time of service, employees and dependents simply provide the employee’s ID number to verify coverage. Also, see the attached temporary Vision Card.

    • They suggest holding off on vision appointments for a week or so to insure everything is in place.  If you cannot hold off please get ahold of me and we will get with Standard. 

  • Future Dental / Vision Appointments:

    • Once your policy has issued, please reference the attached flyer for information how to use your dental and vision insurance.

  • Travel Assistance

  • Life Services Toolkit

  • Please see attached for your customized Benefit Summaries and Enrollment Form for Dental, Vision, Life, and additional life. 


  • Health care

    • ​Recommendation, should the cards not arrive in time to a scheduled appt,  is to have the employee use their SS# and indicate that they have the Sanford $2,800 Individual Deductible / $5,600 Family Deductible on the Health Insurance 


If you have any questions email me at trinak@hopeelectric.com


Trina King

Regarding the transfer of deductibles from BCBS to Sanford (as this may apply to others on the interim of the deductible reporting being recd / loaded ) the employee / member can do one of two things if they have an appointment or fill a prescription in between transition.........


1 ) pay for the services up front and then wait until the deductible report has been updated at Sanford at which time the employee would just have to call Sanford to have them reprocess the claim ( we would notify you once we have been notified the reporting has been updated in the system and you could send out a companywide communication )




2 ) the employee / member can send their BCBS EOB ( Explanation of Benefits ) that shows they have met their Deductible / Out of Pocket Maximum to Sanford and they can reprocess the claim at that time.