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LED Lighting Grant

North Dakota grant available to ND Public Buildings where the ND Department of Commerce pays up to 50% of the costs to update your lighting to an Energy Efficient LED system. General information is listed below.

The Grant

The ND Department of Commerce is offering a grant for energy efficiency improvements to public buildings. The grant pays for 50% of your project to retrofit your existing lighting system with LED lighting. Utilizing this grant, full returns have been seen in 2-3 years; as well as thousands in energy savings thereafter. 

Misconception on Cost

There is a misconception that such a project could cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is not typical. Many fixtures that are in good condition can be left in place and retrofit with new LED lighting systems. This system consists of disconnecting the fluorescent ballast and wiring the fixture direct to the new tubes. In turn, it will eliminate future ballast replacements and create an LED fixture with only one fail point (the tube). Making the new system highly affordable and greatly reduce future energy costs. As mentioned, LED’s typically pay for themselves within 2-3 years; with the grant money be utilized.

Recent Cost Analysis Examples

Quality of LED Lighting

Replace dingy, high maintenance, high cost fluorescent systems with bright, cost effective LED’s. Eliminate different color bulbs, humming lights, and bulbs that have gone out with an LED system that provides for a better working environment. Let your buildings shine!


Many public facilities have taken advantage of this grant through Hope Electric including: Schools, City Buildings, Public Office Buildings, Fire Halls, Libraries, Storage Facilities, Municipal Golf Courses, Pools and more.

Hope Electric offers a free LED Consultation to assess your current lighting and will recommend the best lighting upgrades with consideration to: existing lighting, size of the space, height of the ceilings or lights, what the space is used for and other conditions to get you the best lighting.

Hope Electric Commits to Providing

  • Free LED Consultation

  • Free Payback Cost Analysis

  • Free Grant Application Assistance (Receive assistance in filing for the grant in as little as 30 minutes). We understand the grant, the process and will assist in making this easy and correct.

  • Free custom quote for you to take to your board

  • Installation of new highly efficient lighting upgrade to be retrofit of your existing fixtures (save money), new fixtures, or a combination of both.

Contact Us to Schedule a Quote & Cost Payback Cost Analysis

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