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LED Lighting


Enhance Your Work Environment

  • Replace dingy, old lighting and let it pop!

  • Brighter, higher quality lighting

  • Replace different colored bulbs

  • Replace harsh lighting


Energy Savings

Upgrading to LED lighing typically pays for itself within a couple years due to significant energy cost savings.

Hope Electric offers a Payback Cost Analysis; as well as LED consultation to determine the best lighting solution for your space. 
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Get a Free Payback Analysis

Hope Electric's experienced LED Specialists will come to your site to assess your current lighting system. We offer the highest quality lighting systems at an affordable cost. 

Annual Energy Saving.JPG
  • Energy Efficient

  • Longer Lifespan

  • Energy bill savings

  • Environmental benefits

Save Money with LED


Misconceptions on Project Costs

There is a misconception is such a project could cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is not typical. Many fixtures that are in good condition can be left in place and retrofit with new LED lighting systems. This system consists of removing the fluorescent ballast and wiring the fixture direct to the new tubes. In turn, it will eliminate future ballast replacements and create an LED fixture with only one fail point (the tube). Making the new system highly affordable and greatly reduce future energy costs

LED Consultants

Get it done right!

Save Money

Cleaner Bulbs

Better Environment

Replace Non-Matching Colored Bulbs

Replace Bulbs that are Out

Eliminate Ballast Maintenance

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