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Custom Built Applications for the Allen Bradley Touch Screen Control Panels

Lighting Control System
  • At Hope Electric we can Design a Control System to enhance your existing equipment and to automatically start and stop any process.

  • Using Touch Screens and Micro PLC's your system can be very affordable and easy to operate.

Project Example at Hope Foods Finley, North Dakota

At Hope Foods an operator was coming in at 4:00am to start their Freezer for the days production and someone had to stay until the last shift after midnight to shut it down.

  • The Hope Electric Touch Screen Control system allowed them to control it according to their schedule.

  • We also added an internet Voice/IP voice and text message dialer. We connected their existing alarms to signal their cell phone with a voice and a text message when there is an alarm condition in their freezer operation.

Small Farm Operations Benefit From Automation. With Touch Screens and Micro PLC's you can have the same control as large Elevator Systems at your grain storage site for a fraction of the cost.

Farm Automation.JPG
  • Automatic cleanout timers stop plugging of legs and conveyors.
  • Interlocking equipment makes sure equipment is started and stopped in the proper sequence.
  • High level shutdown stops the receiving process. 
  • Run timers can be added for scheduled maintenance.
  • Another use for the versatile Panelview Display would be using CT's and CM3000 Speed Monitors as inputs with a screen that can show how the Legs/Conveyors are running load and no load conditions.

  • System's are cost effective and by using quality Allen Bradley parts they will provide years of service.

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