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UL 508A Control Panels


As a UL 508 Control Panel Shop we can design a Control Panel to meet your needs and label it to meet 
the requirement of UL and Article 409 of the National Electrical Code.


UL 508 Combination Motor Starter Panels can be very cost effective for projects where you can combine
the Starters in One panel to save costs on Disconnects, Feeders, Wire-ways and Labor.

        Hazard Monitor Control
  • Bearing Temperature Sensors
  • Belt Rub Temperature Sensors
  • Speed, Amps, Plug Sensors
  • Comply to OSHA Standards
    UL 508A Listed Control Panels
  • Custom Built Control Panels
  • Motor Starter and Group Panels
  • Motor Control Centers AB - SQD
  • Lighting Control Contactors
Cost effective in projects you can combine the starters into one panel to save costs on Disconnects, Feeders, 
wire-ways, and Labor.
          VFD Control Panels
  • VFD Group Control Panels
  • 1-Phase to 3 Phase VFD Control
  • Pump VFD Control Panels
  • Allen Bradley, Delta and Benshaw VFD's
     Group Motor Starter Panels
  • Gates, 2-ways, Groups of Motors
  • Combine Starters in One Panel
  • Cost Effective, Save Space and $
  • Nema 1, 3R, 1-Phase 3-Phase
            PLC Controls
  • Allen Bradley Hardware
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Cad Control Drawings
  • E-Mail, Text Alerts, Dialers
        Touch Screen Panels
  • Hazard Monitoring Systems
  • Fire Alarm, UPS Backup
  • Bin Levels, Radar
  • Amps, Speed, Gate %

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